About Us

Velocity Squared is an established IT solutions and application hosting firm with offices in Baton Rouge and Lake Charles, Louisiana. We have a ten-year track record of success providing services to small- and mid-sized companies in the photography, image processing, and print fulfillment industries, as well as others, and count among our clients one of the leading photo labs in the US and the top two graduation photographers in the nation. Combined, our customers photograph more than 2,500 commencement ceremonies and 1.5 million graduates annually.

Our History

We started our company in 1998 out of the dorms at LSU. The popularity of our first service — UniversityTools.com — cast a spotlight on us that led to a grant from LSU, which allowed us to move into the university's on-campus incubator. By providing expert services at a fair price and with a positive attitude, we've grown the business to employ nine full-time developers, servicing clients in 10 states — from California to Florida to New York.

While the business formed in 1998, our history goes back further. Our founders, Adam Swann, Brian Craig, and Chris Suire, met in 1993 while freshmen in high school in Lafayette, LA. While in high school, we formed the school's first "web team" — responsible for creating and maintaining the school's web site as well as installing and maintaining the school's first campus-wide network. The three founding partners are also FCC-licensed amateur radio operators — under the call signs KC5FRP, KC5NNF, and KC5HIO.

Our Mission

We are first and foremost technology enthusiasts. Our business began as a hobby — we love what we do.

Our Name

It's all about energy and motion. The kinetic energy of an object increases proportional to the square of its velocity. A car traveling at 60 mi/h has 4 times the energy of a car traveling half as fast.

Likewise, we expect our work to impact your business many times over the investment you make in the solution.

A Few of Our Happy Clients

Providence Engineering
New Choice Health
Island Photography
Party Pics